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Focused on providing the best service, we have invested in a Modern Fleet of Commercial Trucks.
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Even with all our experience in the transportation of hazardous goods, we strive to continually be better.
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ServiMelsa E.I.R.L., founded on the 27th of May, 2003, is an International Cargo Transporter providing service thoughtout South America. In 2003, our story began specializing in transportation of explosive marterial throughout the continent. Since then we have added a larger range of services to provide virtually every form of terrestrial transportation. Our experience with transporting hazardous goos has helped us create a culture of efficient, punctuality, and mos importantly, security.

We are an integral component of a business group dedicated to the service of specialized transportation and marketing of liquid fuel. In addition, we provide maintenance, lubrication, and many other services. As a Peruvian owned company working with Peruvian capital, we contribute to the development of Tacna and generation of local jobs.

At ServiMelsa, our main mission is providing clients with personalized solutions for their transportation needs, to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

We have all the necessary authorizations from the Ministery of Transport and Communications, and DICSCAMEC, according to the regulations in force by the Peruvian State and regulations of Safety and Industrial Hygiene. Our devotion encourages us to continue to work with great caution and optimism. We think about the future of our company with the needs and demands of our customers, taking into considertain the local economic heartbeat, currently in a phase of strength and growth.

Our vision is to be a leading company within and outside Peru, based on a sound organizational structure that will provide well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers. We look carefully at the requirements, and provide you with alternative solutions.

Our goal and objective is your total satisfaction.

Clients of ServiMELSA

Client satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our versatility in the market allows us the capacity to serve a wide range of different clients.

ServiMELSA was formed through the transport of explosives. With work hard and determination we have been able to provide solutions in a variation of industries.

Our fleet of trucks and trailers is sufficiently varied to meet the needs of the customers. Our transports consist of all kinds of goods, for example, sterile, dangerous, heavy, flammable, etc. Likewise, we are prepared to carry wide, heavy loads, as well as machinery and specialized equipment.


Authorizations for the Transport of Goods

Permits and Insurance

Each vehicle leaves our base prepared and ready for the road. Being cautious and confident ensures efficieny to make every mile count.

RUC (Business ID No.)

20519790794; > Registered June 12th, 2003 with SUNAT


SERVIMELSA E.I.R.L. has full authorization to transport to countries of the Southern Cone, with the Document of Suitability Nº 0181-CS-06-MTC/15 dated November 17, 2006, additionally R.D. Nº 6196-2006-MTC/15 emitted on October 20, 2006.

Insurance Policy

We are backed by MAPFRE Peru. Our policy of Civil liability, third-party coverage insures a sum of $150,000.00 USD (one hundred fifty thousand dollars) for each of our vehicles.


· SERVIMELSA E.I.R.L. is registered in the registry of Transportation of Goods with the code Nº 1525164CNG. With a total of twenty-six (26) vehicles certified as shown.

· Authorization for the transport of hazardous materials and wastes with the code Nº 000105-EMRP, with R.D. Nº 11622-2008-MTC/15 emitted December 15, 2008, with CERTIFICADO Nº 133-2008-MTC/15 emitted December 22, 2008.

· Additional updates COMING SOON.


· SERVIMELSA E.I.R.L. has been evaluated and certified by multi-national entity SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) with registration no. SGSBPMG13/252737. Category: Freight Transportation by Road
Scope of Application: Transport Services of General and Dangerous Cargo

Limits? We're allergic to them

Let's get it done!

The services you need

Transportation solutions creating a culture of discipline, security, service and confidence.

A to all the Bs and more.

Our responsibility is to make this step as smooth and efficient as possible.

As freight transporters, we understand production and consumption is done simultaneously. Transportation has given us the ability to globalize and ramp up productivity. Every mile or kilometer is a step to expansion.

Whether your route is International or Domestic (Peru), you can be assured you are in great hands. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff analyze and propose the routes you need. Understanding the landscape, elements and borders are crucial to executing a streamlined service. ServiMelsa takes it a step further with anticipation and consideration to economic and local factors along the way.

Mining, Construction, Infrastructure... necessities to our ever-changing world, require a significant amount of coordination. Our expertise in handling specialty machinery and equipment is first-rate. Additionally, ServiMelsa has designated vehicles available for short or long term charter. Vehicle-only accounts allow clients to use vehicles at their own discretion.


Contact the professionals at ServiMelsa with any inquiry

What do I do? What's the process like? How long? Customs?


Flexible. Efficient. Transport solutions at your service.


Manuel Melgar

General Manager

As a mining engineer by profession, I have more than 20 years of experience and training in maintenance, security, and business administration.


Christian Gallegos

Operations Manager

With over 10 years of experience in international cargo transport, I have complete proficiency to carry out your plan of action.


Maritza Pilco

Head of Finance

As an accountant by trade, I'm an expert at making every dollar count. Our professionalism sets the foundation to our standards and procedures.


Millicent Romero

HQ Administrator

My savvy brings together all aspects of each project, a delicate and crucial process to prioritizing and delivering your cargo. I'm here for your every need.


Julio Chavez

Head of Maintenance

I oversee and ensure our fleet and drivers are properly prepared and equipped for the road. A quality service demands a streamlined process.

Carhilt Melgar

Commercial Manager

We are passionate about providing our clients fantastic service. Let's build relationships. Contact me for any of your questions in English.

Our working process. Simple, yet effective!

1. Step One (Info)

Basic information: Importer (Purchaser), 3rd Party, Exporter (Seller), dimensions, weight, quantity, date desired, etc. Time is valuable, all info should be readily available so we can get you to Step Two as quickly as possible.

2. Step Two (Quote)

A complete personalized analysis of your desired transport, including routes, frequency, equipment, etc. With this information we generate a productivity-based quote to you from point A to B as soon as possible.

3. Step Three (Planning)

With the paperwork out of the way, we confirm and strategize every detail to getting your goods delivered on-time. Communication is key to working smart and effectively.

4. Step Four (Closing)

Delivery is just as important as its transportation. Coordination to unloading your goods means having all the appropriate authorizations and approvals for finishing a properly executed operation.

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Our doors are always open, feel free to stop by for a visit.

Our main office is located at:
Prolongación 2 de Mayo 415
Tacna, Peru

Our Lima office will open its doors early 2014.

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uur Info.

Prolongación 2 de Mayo #415
Tacna, Perú

+51 (052) 246310

RUC 20519790794